Pixel Qi's Display

They did it. They actually did it.

I became aware of Pixel Qi a couple of months ago. They claimed to have been making a display which has all the following qualities:

In addition, it didn’t require the creation of new fabs, it could be done in with existing LCD fab plants. I was very skeptical; the claims they were making were outstanding. The most recent color e-paper was pretty rough and refresh rates were not even close to video speeds. In addition to that, the Company’s page at the time was very simple and template-y. They also didn’t have any specific data; what is a “video” speed refresh rate 10Hz?15Hz? 24Hz? What is full-color? 8-bit? 24-bit? Who knows?

Well, the first batch of 60 screens is out and they look amazing! Both the e-paper mode and the full color mode have video refresh rate (I’ve heard that it’s 60 Hz). You can read more about it on Tech Video Blog. Or keep up to date with Pixel Qi at Mary Lou Jepsen’s Blog.
[UPDATE: another video from JKKMobile is below]

Below is the video demo from techvideoblog:

Here is JKKMobile’s video:

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